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   Unlike our competitors, we not only sell a directory of pharmacies, we act as your watchdog and screen all of our listings. You do not have to worry that any of our pharmacies will rip you off or ship you inferior or fake drugs. You can be confident you will have a positive experience and you will receive your medications at remarkable savings through the Foreign Pharmacy Directory.

   We provide you with current links to modern discount foreign pharmacies located outside the United States.

   Please note that we also have a separate and special pain medication section where you will be helped for your chronic pain condition.  Pain medication can be prescribed only up to the level of Hydrocodone (Vicodin, Norco, Lortab) from licensed U.S. doctors, providing that you are at least 21 years of age and have recent documentation that demonstrates your chronic pain condition.  Unlike foreign pharmacies, there will be a consultation charge for this service.

   Most prescription medicines
can be purchased at a considerable discount from overseas pharmacies. 

   Thousands of medications are available, even if you are in need of a pain killer. You can get medications for any of the following medical disorders and hundreds and hundreds more through our Foreign Pharmacy Directory!


Sleep Disorders
Pain Medication
Appetite Suppressants
Growth Hormones
Blood Pressure
Heart Attacks

Back Pain

Female Hormone Replacement

Transsexual Hormone Therapy
Anabolic Steroids
HIV Meds

Thyroid Therapy

Weight Loss and

Diet Drugs

Chronic Headache



Birth Control
Sexual Dysfunction/Libido

Buy Vicodin online. Pain killers, muscle relaxers and weight loss drugs are available by utilizing our foreign pharmacy directory.

Foreign Pharmacy Directory reminds you that using our directory is not a substitute for consulting with your local physician. Professional medical
advice is recommended
and encouraged. You can supplement that advice by using our list to save up to 75% on your doctor recommended medications.

Our Privacy Policy

Foreign Pharmacy Directory takes your privacy very seriously. Under NO circumstances will we share, sell, rent, lease or trade any personal information submitted to this site regarding our members to any third party. Your information will remain completely anonymous and secure.


“Are your most expensive medications

NOT on the $4  generic drug list?”

As you know, many of the most prescribed and most expensive drugs are not on
any discount drug lists. If you happen to need any of these medications
(Plavix,  Crestor,  Flowmax, Nexium and many, many others) you owe it to yourself to
compare the cost of medications sold in the USA with the cost of medications
purchased from a pharmacy listed in our Foreign Pharmacy Directory.
You will not believe how much money you can save.
(See our cost comparison chart below.)



Tired of paying ridiculously high prices

for your prescription drugs?”
Use our Foreign Pharmacy Directory and save over 75%  off U.S. drug prices.
Place your order for your prescription drugs legally with safe, modern, discount
 foreign pharmacies from around the world, (New Zealand, Canada,
Germany, Mexico, England, Spain, Thailand, India, Australia and more)
where you can order your medicationsonline without a prescription.


Are you on a fixed income and having a

hard time making ends meet because your

medications are so expensive?”

Do you ever find yourself having to choose between your medication or
some other important and essential purchase? Does purchasing your medication
ever cause you to worry about making it to the end of the month on your fixed income?
Take this worry out of your life and purchase your medication using the
Foreign Pharmacy Directory.

Save more than 75% off the cost of all your medications!


Cost of One Month Supply
Purchased In The USA
Cost of One Month Supply
Foreign Pharmacy Directory
Crestor 20 mg (30 Pills)                         $   138.46  Crestor 20 mg (30 Pills)                           $    23.11
Plavix 75 mg (30 Pills)                            $   176.88 Plavix 75 mg (30 Pills)                               $     8.97
 Flowmax .4 mg (30 Pills)                     $    131.36 Flowmax .4 mg (30 Pills)                        $   13.72
  Lipitor 20 mg (30 Pills)                         $   139.78  Lipitor 20 mg (30 Pills)                            $   21.57
 Singular 10 mg (30 Pills)                      $   153.98  Singular 10 mg (30 Pills)                         $    13.77
 TOTAL COST USA          $  930.92 TOTAL COST FPD                        $  89.00

These incredible drug prices reflect typical savings and are not at all unusual. 
You can expect similar savings when you place your order using the internet
 and the Foreign Pharmacy Directory!

At last, you can do something about the high cost of your medications.
Use our online Foreign Pharmacy Directory & take control of your
medication expenses.
  Place your order for your prescription drugs legally with
 safe, modern, discount foreign pharmacies from around the world, (New Zealand,
  Canada, Germany, Mexico, England, Spain, Thailand, India, Switzerland,
Australia and more.)

Get This Powerful New Online Foreign Pharmacy Directory
And Start Saving Money Now!


For just $24.95, The Foreign Pharmacy Directory will provide you with
an up-to-date, comprehensive list of online international discount pharmacies.

Place your secure order now and become a member of the
Foreign Pharmacy Directory family of satisfied customers!

Click Below For Immediate Access to the Foreign Pharmacy Directory.


This is a recurring purchase. You will be charged monthly or until such time you cancel your membership.  The Foreign Pharmacy Directory is updated and revised monthly with reviews of new pharmacies and member  feedback as it becomes available. You may cancel at anytime by clicking on the cancel button at the end of this page or by going to the Contact Us page. 
Remember, once you gain access & view our directory,
you have purchased our product.  No refunds.

 Experience has shown us it may take several orders until you find the pharmacy that meets your personal requirements (i.e. simple to order, the best prices, customer service, shipping
turnaround time, etc.)  Once you reach this point, your online ordering will become an
enjoyable money saving experience.


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